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Susan Munro


Susan’s got over twenty (20) years of experience in our industry; so much experience that we wanted to clarify it with the preceding parenthetical. When not at Republic Editorial, she’s busy running a studio named Hybrid Collective out of LA and Austin. A winner of AICP, AICE, Super Bowl Ad Meter awards, it’s Susan’s rich knowledge, multiple points of view, and seasoned leadership that make her a tremendous asset to any project (no parenthesis needed here).

Susan Munro


Susan’s got over twenty (20) years of experience in our industry; so much experience that we wanted to clarify it with the preceding parenthetical. When not at Republic Editorial, she’s busy running a studio named Hybrid Collective out of LA and Austin. A winner of AICP, AICE, Super Bowl Ad Meter awards, it’s Susan’s rich knowledge, multiple points of view, and seasoned leadership that make her a tremendous asset to any project (no parenthesis needed here).
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Myles Bolden

  • Assistant Editor

    Dallas born, Dallas high-schooled and Dallas universitied (at The University of Texas Dallas of course), Myles exemplifies all the great characteristics our lovely home city is known for. He’s hard working, he’s incredibly creative, and he’s extremely innovative when using side streets to avoid freeway traffic. With a background in music, editorial, and producing, Myles is the classic triple threat every post-house dreams of. All this talent (combined with the fact that he has the exact same birthday as one of the Kardashians) makes him the perfect person to support our editors and keep our vault running like clockwork.

  • Bryan Bayley

  • Finishing/VFX Artist/DI Colorist

    An uber talented finishing artist, Bayley (as he’s affectionately known around here) has tackled work ranging from hype videos for his West-Texas high-school football team (which he did while playing offensive and defensive tackle) to Katy Perry’s much acclaimed ‘Firework’ video. One of these projects even won the 2011 MTV Video Music Award for video of the year (it should have been one of the football hype videos but wasn’t). A graduate of Texas A&M, Bryan has worked at ReelFx, Radium and Treehouse, which combined with his love of chickens, dogs, cats, birds and gardening synergistically helped him develop some impressive skills as a colorist. We can’t explain it – you’ll have to see what we’re talking about on his reel.

  • Shaddai Berron


    Senior Editor/Partner

    ‘Shady’ is one of those rare breeds who knew what she wanted to be when she was 10 years old doing stop motion animation with her Happy Meal Toys. She pursued her storytelling career when she moved to Dallas in 2003; graduating with a film degree from The Art Institute. Since then, she has earned the title of being a “Renaissance Woman,” editing commercials and web content for various local and national brands. Shaddai’s bag of tricks include a 35mm camera, poetry, watercolors, tarot cards (because you never know when you need advice), and the ability to discuss her mastery of these in fluent English and Spanish. Her unique thrift shopping style and down to earth personality make her a client favorite!

  • Greg Carlson

  • Senior Editor/Partner

    A native of “The Mitten State”, Greg Carlson began his audio career under the tutelage of legendary mixer Jay Scott while at GTN in Detroit. He took those mad sound design skills (and his mittens) across town to The Park where he built and managed two audio rooms (one for each ear). There he met his wife, who he listened to with great intent and heard very clearly that they should migrate down to Dallas to start a family. After 9 years at 3008 Editorial, (which if you do the math averages out to about 334 edits a year), Greg joined us at Republic Editorial. We like the sound of his mitten-free mixes, and we think you will too.

  • Scott Pittman

  • Operations Manager

    Scott is optimistic, upbeat, and by far Republic’s most well rounded employee. To be clear on that last one, we’re talking from a post experience standpoint, not a physical appearance standpoint (he’s friggen’ ripped). Scott’s been an off-line editor, a finishing artist, and a post-producer (as well as a trainer at Gold’s Gym). He now uses all that knowledge (and his intimidating physical appearance) to keep our office running ridiculously smooth. Otherwise, we all have to do burpees.

  • Chris Gipson

  • Senior Editor/Partner

    Chris (or “Gibby” as he’s known) joined the staff of Red Car Hollywood back in 1994 after graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a major in Film Studies. By 1999 he was cutting music videos for such artists as Bryan Adams and Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony. In 2004, he moved to Red Car’s Dallas office (a move he told his wife would be just for a year). A founding partner of Republic Editorial, he has twin daughters and a wife who still wonders when “the year” will end.

  • Nic Wells

  • Vault Assistant

    Nic was born and raised in an Adobe hut in the middle of the New Mexican desert, which explains why he probably loves using Premiere so much. We grabbed him right out of school while he was in the middle of editing the Southern Methodist University senior feature film (which is still in post – not our fault). A hobby drummer who is also very fluent in puns and dad-jokes, it’s probably no surprise that we ask him to spend a lot of his time away from us keeping the vault in perfect working order. He’s good at what he does (the work, not the puns).

  • Camille Ehrhardt

  • Client Services

    Camille was one of those crazy old school kids who took only four years to get out of a four-year school. That’s why when she got her degree in Digital Art and Animation from Louisiana State University we knew she’d be a perfect fit for us. Although she’s not in any way related to Amelia Earhart (something we ourselves once pondered when she did disappear from our office one afternoon), she does fly around our office working ridiculously hard to make our employees and clients happy (it turns out she was just grabbing coffee for everyone).  An aspiring 3D animator, Camille believes firmly that binge watching TV is the only way to watch TV.

  • Megan Lozito

  • Marketing / New Business Development

    With more than 20 years of marketing and communication experience, Megan has helped build quite a few major brands, and talked a couple celebs off the ledge before media interviews (names protected). A magnet for random (but typically nice) people with the urge to share all things personal, her Business and Marketing degrees do not qualify her to give advice, although this hasn’t stopped people from asking for it (more celebrity names protected). What she really loves is hanging out with her two vivacious daughters … and any activity involving food. So it’s no surprise that dinner at home with her girls is always the highlight of her day.

  • Alex Parker

  • Motion Designer

    A Dallas native, Alex has lived anywhere but Dallas for the past five years. Snatching a BS in Visualization from Texas A&M, studying in Germany, and flying to the UK for a Master’s in 3D Computer Animation made for an awesome five years and a serious lack of Tex-Mex. After directing a tiny award winning animated short and drinking a ton of tea, Alex returned to Dallas to start her career in animation. And to get some tacos and a cat.

  • Brian Hwang

  • Executive Producer – Threaded Pictures

    Brian brings nearly two decades of production, post-production and agency experience to the table, spending ten of those years at global advertising powerhouse McCann New York. That work, in conjunction with raising his two kids with his wife, has helped him develop a deep understanding of the process and the intent level of focus one needs to follow something through from initial concept to finish (if you’d ever tried to put 2 young boys to bed at the same time, you know what we mean). Brian is also the current President of AICP Southwest.

  • Susan Munro

  • Senior Editor

    Susan’s got over twenty (20) years of experience in our industry; so much experience that we wanted to clarify it with the preceding parenthetical. When not at Republic Editorial, she’s busy running a studio named Hybrid Collective out of LA and Austin. A winner of AICP, AICE, Super Bowl Ad Meter awards, it’s Susan’s rich knowledge, multiple points of view, and seasoned leadership that make her a tremendous asset to any project (no parenthesis needed here).

  • Keith James

  • Senior Editor / Partner

    A founding partner of Republic Editorial, Keith grew up in Tokyo where, as a high-school student, he produced a weekly television show. Add in four years at UT Austin, seven years at Charlie Uniform Tango, eight years at Red Car, a wife, three boys, and two devastating World Series losses, and it’s amazing that he still gets laughs like he did back in Japan (he didn’t, really…it was a language barrier thing).

  • Jason Vigue

  • Lead Designer

    An industry veteran, ‘Vigs’ as he’s known around our office, started in the industry working on ‘The Jimmy Neutron’ TV series. Since joining us in 2007, his creativity and skillset has helped us grow so much that we chose to go with ‘Infinite’ versus ‘Concisely Restricted’ in the name when launching our sister company, ‘Infinite Fiction’. Vigs is also the guy we reach out to if, for some reason, we ever needed some sort of technical support in our studios. Luckily, all of our stuff is now on fiber-linked servers and workstations spread across two floors, spanning over twelve-thousand square feet, so that never happens. Ever.

  • Camryn Sulak

  • Associate Producer

    A competitive ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop dancer since the age of 3, Camryn traveled all over the US as a child before she ended up in our office. We should point out that this was considerably past the age of three, well after she graduated from Oklahoma University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. In Norman, Camryn got a ton of experience as the Senior Producer for the in-house contract and media production agency at Gaylord College, which explains why she was the first person ever to walk into our office out of school saying she wanted to be a post producer. Well, at least the first person to do this over the age of three.

  • Parker Smitherman

  • Assistant Editor

    Born in Washington (the chill state out west, not the tense district out east), Parker left high-school in Wichita, Kansas to attend Southern Methodist University because it’s film school was in ‘a slightly lower tornadic environment’. His inherent ability to make strong decisions like these led him to Republic Editorial where he quickly rose to assist one of our most senior editors. A true lover of cinema and gaming, he can surprisingly be found frequently backpacking. Most of the time outdoors.

  • Noah Smith

  • Audio Assistant/Vault Manager

    Noah Smith has never let the fact that he was born in Besancon, France get in the way of calling himself a native Texan. We dare you, just tell him he’s not from Texas, and he’ll smack you right over the head with the nearest baguette he can get his hands on. A classically trained guitarist with both a Music Business and a Recording Arts degree, Noah’s got a great ear for sound that he uses to keep our vault running like clockwork.

  • Hayes Smith

  • Audio Engineer/Sound Designer

    A guy born with music flowing through his veins, Hayes made All-State Band on bassoon in high-school, toured the US for ten years with a band, and was featured in the original Tony Hawk video game (not playing the bassoon). He even once played with James Brown in front of over 26,000 people (again, not on a bassoon). Credentials like these, in conjunction with a decade or so of mixing experience, have made Hayes one of the most requested mixers at Republic Editorial. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing for his daughter and playing peek-a-boo with bass.

  • Jacklyn Sandoval-Roman

  • Senior Post Producer

    Jacklyn is from the Valley. The cool one in Texas – not the other one in LA. Even though she was one of those over achievers everyone hated in college (with a triple major in Advertising, Marketing and Management) we went ahead and hired her right out of school back in 2009. We do however keep a very close eye on her to make sure she only utilizes two or fewer of her degrees at any given time. She keeps our teams on budget and on schedule, as well as our office happy in her role as our amazing on-staff office social event planner. Wait, that almost sounds like a combo of all three degrees…

  • Nick Mueth

  • Finishing/VFX Artist/DI Colorist

    From an early age, Nick enjoyed saying phrases like ‘from an early age’ in French, mainly because that was the language they spoke in France where he grew up. Shortly after graduating from college stateside, and a brief stint as an assistant at Red Car Dallas, ‘Nico’ honed his skills at a few other studios around town. He returned to Republic Editorial a strong and experienced department leader. Visual effects come easy to Nick because he’s been perfecting his craft for almost 20 years, plus he’s also pretty sure that reality ‘isn’t a real thing’. He also colors. Rather well as you’ll see in his reel here.

  • Andy McGee

  • Editor

    Publicis Dallas hired Andy directly out of college where he was thrown into their internal post-production division. He joined Red Car Dallas in 2007 and rapidly rose to senior assistant before his focus, work ethic, and wardrobe of slightly amusing t-shirts launched him into the editor’s chair (it was mainly the wardrobe that did it). One of the most likeable guys in our crew, Andy’s worked on an exciting and impressive list of national brands so you should be excited and impressed.

  • Patrick Hammond

  • Editor

    A local graduate from UNT, Patrick was one of the first employees of Red Car Dallas back in early 2000. After several years of assisting the top editors in town, his potential as a lead editor could no longer be ignored. Today in the edit suite, he channels the focus, creativity, and resourcefulness of his soccer idol Lionel Messi in hopes that someday he too will win five Fifa Ballon d’Ors.

  • Edgar Garza

  • Assistant Editor

    A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Edgar’s experience, personality and work ethic are best understood by simply reading the bio he sent us: “I was promoted to assistant editor and got the privilege to assist and learn from one of the best in Republic Editorial’s Chris Gipson. Through grueling hours and high pressured moments, I have emphatically enjoyed doing what it takes to put out the best product possible and am excited to continue to grow as an editor and as a person.” Edgar is also able to be similarly sarcastic in Spanish.

  • Gordon Gibson

  • Audio Engineer/Sound Design

    Gordon was a metal rocker back in college for a touring band – something that he feels was essential to his development as a mixer. His screaming on stage, he feels, made him extremely attune to what he calls ‘the intricacies of sound you can experience once you are in the absence of screaming.” As the official VO talent of Republic Editorial and also the official VO of several national brands, you’ve probably heard Gordon on the radio at some point trying to sell you something. Keep this in mind when you meet him and have the sudden urge to take money out of your wallet.

  • William Franklin

  • Senior Assistant Editor

    A native of Michigan, William traveled the world (California and Virginia) before setting his sites on the University of North Texas for his degree. We found him through what we refer to as our ‘old’ recruitment process (having a series of chance random encounters at indiscriminate bars located near our office). Since joining us in 2005, William has been a pillar of our facility, making sure everything from the vault, the assistants, our editors, and most importantly, our Apple Music playlist are running smoothly. William is a music junky, and we’re a better office because of it.

  • Cody Clack

  • Creative Director

    Cody Clack was born in a small Texas town where the only form of after dinner entertainment was climbing the local water tower. This practical real world experience, along with his tenure as a top ranked high-school Mathlete, led him down the predictable career path of 3D graphics and design. The winner of Adobe’s ‘Make the Cut’ in 2017, Cody has simple interests like BBQ, brewing beer and baseball and a true understanding of the intersection of business and design. This combined with the water tower thing have alchemized him into the perfect Creative Director for our Infinite Fiction team.

  • Carrie Callaway

  • Managing Director / Partner

    Carrie hails from the great state of Louisiana from which she brings her Cajun attitude of “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (loosely translated as “Add spice to soup”). A seasoned industry veteran, she founded Yellow Rose Editorial back in the days of film, established Red Car Dallas in 1999, and was a founding partner of Republic Editorial in 2013. As Republic Editorial’s fearless leader and the mother of a soon to be college freshman, she calmly manages her teams, their projects and their clients. The key to all of it has to be her great Cajun accent (we have no idea what she’s saying half the time).

  • Greg Beninger

  • Finishing/VFX Artist

    Greg graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film Production and an emphasis in cinematography. Trust us, all of that fancy education really shows (literally, he has it hanging on the wall in his room). Greg ran the table with us, starting out as vault manager, working his way up to assistant editor, and graphics artist. He now runs one of our two premier finishing rooms (the one with his degree hanging in it). When not staring at nodes on a computer monitor, Greg is most likely on the set of a music video (behind the camera, not in front of it).

  • Alexandra Beninger

  • Assistant Editor

    Often mistaken for being from either Columbia or Nicaragua (for reasons unbeknownst to us), Alex is actually from nearby Duncanville, Texas. While getting her degree in Cinema-Television at Southern Methodist University, she interned at advertising agency Dieste where she had the opportunity to visit a nearby premium quality post house. Months later, Alex found herself working at the same nearby premium quality post house (which you can probably guess was us). Years later, Duncanville’s finest has grown into one of our most reliable assistant editors, and she still has yet to visit Columbia or Nicaragua.

  • Amy Aitken

  • Executive Producer

    Amy cut her post-production teeth working at award winning houses on both coasts (Los Angeles AND San Francisco). We look past all that and champion her true native Texan qualities of strength and leadership, and her uncanny ability to decipher zone defenses. As Executive Producer of Infinite Fiction, Amy utilizes all those amazing ninja-like skills to take her team to the next level (the level one click above infinite). When not producing, she’s at home teaching her two amazing kids about Texan strength and leadership, and how to distinguish between a Cover 2 and a Tampa 2.